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Fuzhou Marathon

December 20th 8:40, 2015 Fuzhou International Marathon half marathon runner, luam, left the half marathon starting point 10.5 kilometers, suddenly fell to the ground, rescue invalid.

this is the fifth sudden death tragedy of the domestic marathon this year! It's so sad!

ask! Questions! To! The!

look at figure

a group of white gowns seemed to be saved on the spot. But is this the rescue?

actually pinches! People! In!
a swordsman blockbuster?
Why does
do not have cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)? Where is AED?

sees someone fainting, and many people are subconsciously pinching people. According to the first reaction of first aid experts, "pinch" but "emergency nirvana is the folk learned without teacher". There is an objective role in pinching people, which is pain irritation. This can be of value to the consciousness of the patient, but there is no medical value at all!

is also popular: it can wake up by pinching people to wake up.

and in the end of the end of the coma after the end, the heart jump stopped, the stimulation of the actual is not! Often! Limited! At this time, the need for CPR, chest compression + artificial respiration, and then AED! And wait for the arrival of advanced life support such as the ambulance.

correct posture:

also, according to a witness in a circle of friends: medical staff are running in the past first aid, about 7, 8 minutes!

days! The best time for gold rescue is 4 minutes.
At normal room temperature, after 4 minutes of cardiac arrest, the brain cells will have irreversible damage after 4 minutes of cardiac arrest. If there is no rescue within 4 minutes, the patient then enters the stage of biological death.

a bunch of people have no way to do it?

this is the only external pressure that can be seen at present, although it may not seem to be too standard. This is a running friend, at least he knows to go to CPR. The pictures above show that the doctors and nurses are in the pinch.

would like to ask the Fuzhou International Marathon:
How did the
marathon medical security team set up? How much human investment is there? Is it true, as witnesses say, that doctors and nurses arrived in 7 and 8 minutes? Did the first aid medical staff learn first aid? Is there any AED in the end?

want to ask China athletics:

countries have cancelled the record of the events and reduced the entry threshold for the games. Is it just let down?

can the necessary medical security input be abandoned?

can we raise the threshold for athletes to improve medical access?


The "challenge 100 run" 5 station Bin Chen basin 5 weeks after the 5 100 km race.

2015 Chinese extreme marathon man Chen Penbin completed a marathon every day for 100 days in the "challenge 100 - a run" campaign. In 2016, he ran 5 100 kilometers in the 5 - stop race within 5 weeks in the "challenge 100 - run" campaign.

from "one run" to "run together", which challenge is more difficult? In May 31st, Chen Bin Bin said in an interview that if he had another chance, he hoped that the interval between the 5 fields and 100 kilometers would be longer.

"the difference is big!" It was 100 days last year to run 100 marathons, from Guangzhou to Beijing. The challenge is incremental, and the 100 day challenge has improved my ability. And this year's challenge is a negative increase that makes my ability more and more weak, "Chen Penbin said.

Chen Penbin explained that last year, a marathon every day lasted for 100 days. After running continuously, the legs slowly adapted to each other, and there was plenty of time for rest and recovery every day. At the later stage of the challenge, he was able to run 3 points or even about 2 minutes and 50 seconds per kilometre.

this year, although the challenge is only 5 stations, but each station will run 100 kilometers. In April 24th, Chongqing Railway Station, May 1st ShenZhen Railway Station, May 8th, May 22nd, and May 29th were 5 stops, which took only 36 days to consume.

"every race from the starting at 8 in the morning, after at least to 5 in the afternoon, after running for two or three days is not the basic practice, the two legs are soft," Chen Penbin said.

five races Chen Bin basin met different harsh conditions. Chongqing Railway Station, ShenZhen Railway Station and XiaMen Railway Station line ups and downs; sultry, especially the XiaMen Railway Station only a road watering on the pitch, the way almost heatstroke; Beijing Railway Station sun, on his face is sunburn.

"fortunately there are 14 days after the XiaMen Railway Station, let me go home and take a good rest, and take 7 days to resume practice." Chen Penbin said, "the continuous combat consumption is very big, it can be said to my limit. If there are sixth 100 kilometers, I think I really want to cry. "

born fishermen from hard-working Chen Penbin smiled and said: "honestly, now let me pick 100 pounds of water I choose not move."

in accordance with the rules of activity, 2016 "challenge 100 - run together" includes the sub - race of five cities and the Yanqing finals (June 26th). Among them, there are about 300 running teams in each sub station competition, each team consists of 10 players, including at least two women, each member running 10 kilometers, in the form of relay to complete the challenge of 100 kilometers. The top two teams in each race get the reference.

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