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[global shoe network] recently, the top fashion brand Dior Homme draws its 2014 Summer series of fashion inspiration, to create a new running shoes.

and casual shoes has undoubtedly become the mainstream of men's clothing in 2014. This season Dior Homme creative director Chris Dior Nash Assche (Kris Van) will run shoes and tannin, dress collocation, deduce the high-tech material and movement agitation perfect fusion of infinite pursuit. (

Chinese marathon community is running for a fixed time and also in a group. (United States "world daily / Li Xu")

, new China, December 17, according to the world daily report, in recent years, more and more popular marathons are running, training physical strength, training stamina, and making new friends. Many of them don't fly to different cities to compete in different cities, and challenge themselves at the same time. A group of long-distance hobby enthusiasts, the organization "Burn" community in the bay area, fixed running together, from early more than 50, has now grown to more than 300 people, and has recently officially registered as a non-profit organization.
Li Xu, the core member of
Burn, was the first person to know when he was running in the bay area. He would talk about it on the discussion board. Later, he would regularly run around in the social platform group. At present, there are more than 300 people. Their weekly exercises, both in Nanwan mountain view and Campbell City exchange running, East Bay in South Fremont; the number is more, each about 50 people, the East Bay is about 30 people.

starts running at 7 in the morning in winter, depending on the degree, and ends at about 9 at the latest. People will spontaneously prepare drinks and food, run through each other and share their feelings. Results more members run better, at the beginning of December more than 50 members to Sacramento to participate in the "California International Marathon", members of the average score of 3 hours 20 minutes, compared with 9000 contestants 4 hours of good grades on a big cut.

members are more than 95% immigrants, half male and half female, because most are engineers, very zealous for data analysis, quantitative analysis of their members age, health examination report, running performance, hope that through scientific progress, "a lot of data control."
Gao Wei, another core member of
, pointed out that they will also analyze the body indexes such as cholesterol and let members see how much progress they have made, which is also a way to observe collective effectiveness.

Gao Wei, who had joined the local registration must be run at least two times the morning run, want to join the league, at least outside the state to bay area ran a morning run to qualify. So there are some people who have taken a special trip to the bay area and run a marathon to qualify.

, "we want to drive the healthy lifestyle of Chinese people." Li Xu pointed out that marathon not only exercises physical strength, but also lets the brain relax completely, which helps relieve pressure and help sleep. A lot of people think that the marathon is too long and too tired, and I'm afraid that they can't afford to load. Li Xu said, "the most important thing is confidence. Most of them start from scratch. Now you run away from such a performance, don't you believe it?" (Li Rong)

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