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It was a wonderful event last year.

Chongqing marathon will start on 20 March 8 on time, this year will be the implementation of the "three heavy match one" - not only become a station 2016 annual national Marathon Championships in three stations, but also to become the 2016 Brazil Olympic Games in Rio marathon only stop qualifier, which is following the 4 years before the London Olympics qualifier in Chongqing after the Olympic trials marathon again in heavy horse.

, in addition, this year, the organizing committee will give the complete, half of the players to finish the T-shirts, which is the first in the national marathon. In addition, in the marathon, will appear from time to time because of socks not suitable to feet by grinding bleeding players situation, this will give full weight, half player gift movement function socks, hope that all players can safely run.

as the most anticipated event this month, many runners have been eager to try. Xiaobian once again gave you information about the tournament, for your reference:

competition time and place:

(1): March 20, 2016 (Sunday), time 8:30

(two) location: Chongqing South Road, Pakistan waterfront road.


(1) male and female Marathon (42.195 km)

(two) male and female half marathon (21.0975 km)

(three) Mini Marathon (5 km)

race route:

(1) Marathon (42.195 km)

Chongqing south park gate (starting) - under the Chaotianmen bridge (reentry) - Chongqing South Park Gate - Yangtze River bridge - Egongyan bridge - Mei Di Ya City intersection - lijiatuo bridge - intersection with Jiangshan (reentry) - Mei Di Ya City Road lijiatuo bridge - Port - male goose rock bridge - Yangtze River bridge - Chongqing south park gate (end point).

(two) Half Marathon (21.0975 km)

Chongqing Nan bin park entrance (start) - under the Chaotianmen bridge (exhumation) - Chongqing Nan bin park entrance - Yangtze River bridge under the goose rock bridge - the Mayi Ya City intersection - two pond square (end point).

(three) Mini marathon

Chongqing Nan bin park gate (start) - Chaotianmen bridge (end point)

supply station:


organizing committee contact mode:

address: No. 1, Yan Yu Road, Nanan District, Chongqing (Chongqing Jiangnan Sports Center Gymnasium)

contact phone:; 023-62399466


China Track and Field Association Network: ww>

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