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Jordan Brand at the end of this year as the finale of & quot; quot; the & the & quot; Gym, Red& quot; the color of the Air Jordan 11 once again usher in a new wave of spy.

by the bright red through the shoe body made by leather and nylon surface area increased, black and white collocation JUMPMEN bottom as contrast, re equipped with ice crystals at the end of a happy ending, it is full of bright ah.
It is reported that the
shoes will be on sale in December 9th, priced at $220!

Many people want to lose weight through running

about weight loss is made up of small goals. Those who want to lose weight quickly are often unsuccessful. For example, let's set a small target, 5 kilos of meat or a month to run first. So, you know, how much thinner is running a month?
How much is
running a month?
It is impossible for
to get the ideal results in the short term. Only regular exercise will improve the level of exercise. If you only run once a week, it doesn't have much benefit to run longer. For six days in a break, body tissue has already consumed the benefits of running. Therefore, there must be no less than three running in a week. The usual lack of exercise, once the determination to start regular exercise, often excessive exercise, which can lead to adverse consequences.

if you can insist on running three times a week, plus a reasonable diet, there should be no problem for a month to lose 4-5 jins.
How long does
run before running fat

runs 30 minutes a day to lose weight. First very relaxed run for 5 minutes, regard it as a warm-up preparation. Then speed up 30 seconds, then 30 seconds to slow down the speed, and then run for 60 seconds. At last, the speed of these 60 seconds is faster than that of 30 seconds, but not faster than sprint. It should be gradually accelerated and run at the fastest speed possible. The 30 seconds in the middle are not jogging, but they are just slowing down and "caching" for the next stage.

did not find a vehicle through the roundabout, take 3~5 minutes to easily finish. After the warm-up, the ring speed started, and the time was recorded. In the second lap, you have to do it in 5~10 seconds less than the first lap. Then take a walk or jogging for 1 minutes to rest and relax. Then start the third laps, and use a 5~10 second less than the second lap. How long can I be able to lose weight in jogging? Do 3 to 5 groups of such exercises, each group takes less 5~10 seconds than the previous group. Finally, let the body calm down, and exercise is done.

jogging more than 30 minutes a day is the most beneficial to lose weight, but a strong exercise time should not exceed 30 minutes, otherwise it will produce hunger. (39 Health Network)

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