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[shoes - shoes, watch] to create a classic, renewed x-rated masterpiece! In the west people enjoy Halloween fantasy and horror and fantasy have unbelievable to it, all around halloween themed products are also popular, Nike Sportswear DIVERSITILE NIGHTMARE DUNK's new book (FREDDY KRUEGER) release shoes and T-shirts, I will let you feel the strong American horror film style, bloody picture performance not only in the "nightmare on Elm Street in the film" so popular, the design unit for Diversitile to achieve the ultimate effect, extensive use of hand-painted painting like process in DUNK shoes, FREDDY cruel and bloody nightmare will also be exaggerated, leather gloves and a steel claw in the symbol FREDDY has modified besmeared with blood in the same the details of the Office, familiar with the "friends" nightmare on Elm Street will be hooked, and red and green stripes and a vivid portrayal of the coke meat wrapped The shoebox is no longer so common, although a little extreme, but the reality is particularly strong, perhaps you will be upside down for the sudden visual feast, but the charm is unique. (shoes net - the most authoritative Chinese shoes small sub editor)

in the blink of an eye, PEAK Battier's boots have been out to the fifth generation, five generation Battier shoes design inspired by the BMW GINA concept coupe with bat wings. From the outside, Battier five and more rounded than in the past, if before Battier boots are the Hummer SUV, then the five generation BMW sports car. Shape can be said that Battier five generations can catch the fans in the first eye, PEAK shoes gradually formed its own style, and will not allow fans to see, will think of other foreign brands of shoes. in addition, the fifth generation of boots in the design of a revolutionary breakthrough, the introduction of the new SURFACE design concept design and functional design separately. It is worth mentioning that Battier's five generation boots using elastic fastener surface in the shoe itself, this design is not only conducive to the package of the pace, but also the use of elastic fabrics to strengthen the ventilation degree of the whole shoes. In actual combat, and the zipper in fasten shoelaces, playing an hour off not once, but the ankle can feel a strong parcel, I let this ankle got hurt users should be more assured. zoom Battier 5 uses three stage damping technology (cushion-3) + TPU protection high strength damping visual guide in the bottom sheet + Plus heel part play a stabilizing role during the configuration. From the appearance of shoes will be able to see more clearly, three layers of different materials to build a three damping system, although the author mostly outside shooting with a little break, but the sole cushioning comfort is quite obvious. Battier; five generation big bottom use light rubber; effectively control the weight of shoes; join shock mitigation technology; make shoes > Converse 2012 Summer Premium Wash shoes

Converse recently launched Premium series high quality loved by everyone, with excellent material to create a classic sports shoes, absolutely let you most willing to pay out to heel. The Premium series re launched to help design Chuck Taylor All short Star washing style, with the blue star as a slanting dazzlingly beautiful design, collocation and durable both the quality of canvas, with very difficult water washing process is added to damage full appearance, also joined it after using black stains on the white sole, the proposed price for $80 dollars, currently in Converse authorized by the "Premium" series of authorized merchants and the official online store to buy.

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