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every time you spend big price to buy shoes, someone asked me:


in the eyes of most people, spend tens of thousands to buy a pair of shoes, put in the home for people who are not willing to wear, it is crazy.

and those who rely on speculation, sell shoes businesses are unscrupulous swindler.

in fact, not all speculation is just a vase of shoes.

some shoes can continued popularity, or a sudden burst of red, black hole on brain amazing technology.
For example, the
will automatically double lacing Nike Air Mag, a recent complex moment to sell a price of HK $800 thousand.
The following
yang man introduced a few brother to the audience by double black & deep heart Sneaker shoes.

if you want, that you have vision!

killer: TORSION torsion system
In 80,
in 90s, Adidas was a thousand years nemesis Nike black technology sports products to the other way.

pinch Adidas hired Air Jordan, the designer of the 1 Peter Moore from Nike to. This guy playing black technology can have a hand in hand, create a series of EQT under the name of the high performance of sneakers for adidas.

and EQT of the core technology is TORSION in the shoes.
What is the

in simple terms, is in a middle position embedded in the sole "Pebax thermoplastic material".

it is like a bridge, connecting the forefoot and heel, moderate elasticity and hardness to provide the best support in the soles of the feet, reducing the chance of a sprained ankle jumping movement.
Cushioning technology
and other companies, TORSION technology is very subtle, invisible, but can let each experienced people yubabuneng.

today, EQT series of shoes still sought after by many Sneaker.

at the beginning of this year, Adidas Originals EQT Support 93/17 on shelves immediately sold out, hand speed slow man can only silently hiding in bed crying.

said EQT is the most successful series a bit too much.
After all,
Adidas official evaluation of EQT is:

Equipment, the best of adidas.
killer: Pump balloon Hexalite honeycomb

was a rare slip on shoes without laces, Reebok Insta Pump Fury more than the market most tie foot shoes, package is very strong.

all this thanks to the Reebok Pump Technology:

Su Bingtian and Boulter were in the men's 100 meter race in the world championships.
Why can the pocket flying man of
1 meters 52 overpress the size of 1 meters 8 in speed? In the selection of sprinter, what is the most important thing that the coach pays the most attention to?

last night, this reporter contacted the original national track and field team sprint group national coach, Zhejiang Province Track and field veteran should water the root, had a record of 10 seconds (9 hand time) before the Asian women's 100m record holder Zhang Caihua was his favourite pupil.

"you don't see this Jamaica player (Fraser) short, her pace is not small. Also running one hundred meters, I generally judged that Wei Yongli's 49 meter run of 1 meters and 68 is about 48 steps, while two people are more than 10 centimeters tall, which means that some short men can also run big strides.

"of course, the most important sprint performance depends on two points, in addition to stride length, stride frequency and. In our view, the main frequency is born, many large players can do a great stride, but it is difficult to maintain a high frequency, and the world's best trapeze, there must be both big stride, and high frequency, such as Boulter. Like the little woman, is the stride and stride frequency with the perfect example."

domestic grassroots coach selected sprint seed, which is the first value? According to Shui gen, leg strength, bouncing force and coordination are the basic criteria for selecting material, but coaches may be able to see height first. "If we want to go further in China's sprint, we should first become taller in size. This is the trend of international sprint development in the future. If the selection is close to the gap, the later training methods and ideas will be easier to improve. "

should be in the water the root view, whether it is 1 meters or 1 meters 52 Fraser, 96 Boulter, the two extreme figure is usually not the most suitable training sprint, but the reason why both men and women become a trapeze, both because of the race, also benefited from the Jamaica sprint soil richly endowed by nature. "Kids are doing sprints, material surface is wide, of course, than we selected seedling easier. In such a soil, a few talent, even a strange figure, is a genius. "

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