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exercise should be part of daily life, and many people, especially young people, like running, especially long run. Long distance running can exercise both legs and look thin and long, making young women love long runs. Experts in the Department of orthopedics have suggested that many people do not pay attention to warm-up and protection because of their lack of knowledge. They often cause knee injuries and make the movement "counterproductive".
knee itself is tender and bears the extra weight of

experts point out that the knee joints bear all the weight of the body, and even the extra weight. Research shows that while standing without buckling legs, knees were under half above the knee weight, about 43% pounds; single leg standing about to withstand 2 times the weight; walking, knee joint bearing load to weight 2 to 3 times; the ground when walking fast, can be increased to 4.3 times the weight when walking on; and then reached 4.4 times and 4.9 times; when the load is about 4 times; when playing is about 6 times; squat and kneeling can be increased to about 8 times!
The position and structure of the
knee joint, which makes it more impact and pressure than the other joints, is a joint that is easily damaged by motion. Especially in sports, such as incorrect running posture, lower limb muscle strength, muscle ligament loosening, or footwork interchangeability, etc., all of which may cause knee joint injury.

vigilant "running knee" exercise to control the amount of exercise

Department of orthopedics expert introduction, "running knee" in our mouth is also the clinical patellar arthritis. It refers to the knee joint pain and inflammation caused by abrasion, softening or cracking of the cartilage surface of the patella and femur. Once a runner is diagnosed as osteoarthritis of the patella, he should reduce the amount of exercise. He should stop running when he has severe pain and take some glucosamine and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

, in addition, daily exercise is only to enhance physical fitness and promote physical and mental health, but not the greater the load, the longer the time, the better the strength.

knows how to keep a good running posture
When the
people run, the rotation of the joints is done under the combined effects of muscle drive, ligament extension, meniscus buffer, and joint fluid lubrication. If the running action of long-term deformation, such as eight, eight, high leg run, forced about inequality, will inevitably cause adverse effects on knee joint. Studies have shown that six adult knee injuries are associated with improper running posture.

Department of orthopedics experts said, we do not advocate the early run of 3000 meters above the first long-distance train should first be jogging, running ability is obviously improved, then gradually increase the running speed and distance, increasing the amount of no need to feel to the specified number, weight or floor, the knee is feeling pressure to stop you can. After running should pay attention to organize activities such as jogging or walking, take a few deep breaths, let the body gradually calm down. After returning home, you can properly apply hot compress to the leg muscles and massage the joints and the surrounding soft tissues.

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local time at 9:15 a.m. on September 25th (Beijing time September 25th p.m. 3:15 p.m.), the forty-third Berlin marathon was about to start a gun. On the world's fastest marathon track, a number of men's elite athletes will hit the new world record.

Berlin marathon is the hotbed of the world marathon world record. The latest 6 consecutive world records were born here (4 belong to Kenya and 2 to Ethiopia). Unlike last year's focus on whether Kipjoge could break the world record, the drama of this year is more focused on who can win the championship.

has a series of brilliant names on the men's list in this tournament, and many people want to prove themselves here. Emmanuelle · and Wilson · Mutai; Poussin is the base that generation of 2 top players, since they still occupy a record of third, fourth; the injury plagued Kaineinisa · Bekele in the London Marathon harvested third; Ze gaje · Mei department also Nain efforts in Dubai to prove it runs well in the outdoor; as for Evans · at; Kip Tanui is in this year's tournament last year, ranking the highest in 6 years, he wants to win his first marathon champion. Who can glorify Berlin, and who can become a black horse?

peak against

Wilson · base Poussin -- Kenya, 34 years old, personal best result is full horse 2 hours, 3 minutes and 23 seconds (2013 Berlin, the former world record), half horse 58 minutes 59 seconds.

· Kaineinisa; beckler - Ethiopia, 34 years old, personal best is 2 hours 5 minutes and 4 seconds (2014 Ma Paris), half marathon 1 hours 09 seconds.

these two players are the momentum in this group of people - Kipsang, former world record holder Kipjoge, before the world's greatest marathon runners; one of the beckler, the great history of 10000 meters king, April was the third in the London Marathon. The two men's duel will be a big feast for runners.

, even though he had a brilliant record, was like every runner who came to the German capital, and they wanted to prove themselves. Kipsang wanted to prove that at the age of 34, he was still one of the best marathons in the world. He thought his state had recovered until the spring of 2015. During that time, he lost to Kipjoge in the grand slam for 3 times in a row (2013 Berlin, 2014 London and 2014 New York). But since then, he withdrew from the 2015 World Championships in New York, only fourth, this spring in London only got fifth place. Therefore, he is eager to get back to the top, he thinks Berlin is the ideal place for his rally. This week he even told his home media that his goal was the world.

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