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a lot of people in the running, will appear more than once "Chaqi" (or side pain). This pain often occurs in the lower right lower abdomen, located below the ribs, and is characterized by intense localized pain. It is especially common for runners. Some of the athletes have been slow walking, until the pain disappears.

today, researchers use more professional and scientific terms to name this annoying abdominal pain as "exercise related primary abdominal pain" (ETAP). Runners and swimmers often stop exercise because of this pain and suffer unbearable torture.
Why does
always have side abdominal pain when running?

is what causes the "chest pain"?

although there is no clear explanation about "Chaqi" reasons, but there are several theories, is very persuasive.

· most researchers believe that it is closely related to our diet before exercise.

studies suggest that running and swimming are the most likely to occur in ETAP. Localized pain in the right lower abdomen or left lower abdomen. The pain is often influenced by the physical function of the athletes, but it has nothing to do with the sex and body mass index. ETAP is rarely seen in middle-aged and old athletes.
The most important factor that
causes ETAP seems to be a regular meal before exercise. A research report pointed out that before exercise and exercise, drinking juice and recovery of high carbohydrate, high osmotic pressure (concentration) drinks, will induce the "chest pain", especially for these drinks sensitive people.

· some researchers proposed a more complex interpretation, namely "Chaqi" is due to a muscle spasm of the diaphragm, led by Lane (especially the liver) caused by the ligament.

strenuous exercise and breathing uneven, shaking and pulling these ligaments. Sportsmen often exhale every two or four steps. Most people exhale on the ground while the left foot is on the ground, but a few people exhale on their right feet. Right foot cause expiratory people prone to chest pain may be due to breath, the right foot with the ground when the liver (located on the right side of rib below) stress increase.

therefore, when the breath is exhaled, the liver falls and the septum rises, and this repeated pull leads to the spasm of the diaphragm.
The "Chaqi" how to do

if running "Chaqi", can be stopped, and will push up the right hand is placed in the abdomen, while maintaining a uniform breathing. When you run or swim, you can even try to take a deep breath. Ligament pull theory, shallow breathing will increase "Chaqi" risk, because the diaphragm is always mild elevation, the decline is not enough to make the ligament relaxation. When this happens, the diaphragm compression, more prone to spasm or chest pain".

Prevention Tips
· control the time to move forward, so that the food can be before exercise >

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