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I don't know when to start running outdoors, become a kind of fashion, run in the WeChat circle of friends a Kirby sun sun travel more popular delicacy. Recently, as the weather gets colder and colder, the reporter found that there is a lot of "Sun Run" in WeChat's friends circle. Some friends directly indicated that they were too cold to go to the gym to run. Is winter suitable for outdoor running in the winter? Are there any notices? The reporter interviewed some running friends and sports experts.

listen to the friends of the runners --

Chen is a famous "Sun Run Race" in WeChat's circle of friends, and every night she runs 5 kilometers near her home. But recently, in a circle of friends, she could hardly see the picture of her running in the sun. Miss Chen told reporters recently, not running for two main reasons, the first is a friend to her advice, the winter is too cold outside, indoor and outdoor temperature, outdoor running in May for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease is not good; the second is that the air is not very good, the end of November last year, a few times running nose there are dirty things, so they suspended the outdoor running plan.

, for Miss Chen, who is addicted to running, suddenly doesn't run and feels very uncomfortable. "No running effect is obvious, not only the body began to fat, people feel lazy, a little indulging." Miss Chen said. Running is more of a will to me. In winter I still stick to running, but I don't choose to go outdoors and go to the gym to run.

listen to what the experts say --

recommends outdoor run
when air is good
, associate professor of Physical Education Department of Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics Song Weidong said, adhere to the winter outdoor running, has advantages in elevation, let the body to the cold weather there is a fusion, improve their adaptability to the environment, this is why winter athletes are in the room outside not inside.

Song Weidong analysis, if from the heart lung function exercise of the point of view, whether it is running outdoors or in the gym on the treadmill, can achieve the effect of exercise, if you want to take exercise, in the premise of good air quality, recommended to choose the winter outdoor running.

winter running also pays attention to

exercise time: after 10 a.m. and after 5 p.m.,

Song Weidong suggested that the morning run is not recommended, the air is not good, you sucked mostly carbon dioxide instead of oxygen, then suggest that you in the morning after 10 or 5 p.m. outdoor running for office workers and students, morning running is not realistic, after 5 pm running better, but also to eliminate the cumulative fatigue of the day.

motion frequency and intensity: two days a time each time 4 km

Song Weidong told reporters that if you choose an aerobic exercise for outdoor running, it is suggested that it is suitable for two days, 30 to 1 hours a time.

as for sports intensity, people of different ages can adjust to their own age.

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