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Chinese shoes Network September 12 hearing two years ago, was also seen as a cash cow sports brand agency, now is not the scenery. At many dealers Adidas and Nike are still "destocking" and anxiety in Daphne, represented part of the dealer because of persistent poor profitability have begun to consider withdrawing. This has a number of brand channels, to pull off the way to bid farewell to the Adidas and Nike brand sports agent. "shoe king" Belle began to shrink the front, in the first half of 2009 closed 346 sports brand stores. But the industry view, this is the adjustment process after a few years in front of Belle in the rapid development of sports brand agency industry, one must pass through. In fact, Belle agency business scale Nike and Adidas and other sports brands, has come to make the competition even brands sit no security level. Old rivals Both shoes industry, sports brands in the agency business, out of different fate trajectory. Daphne: "to exercise" of the occasion of the performance of the Daphne announced half-year, deputy general manager of international investor relations firm shall Stanley Au said the company proxy Nike stores in the next all closed within six months, but its hands 107 Adidas store sales are discussing hands. Daphne semi-annual report, as of June 30, within six months is down 21 Daphne own proxy Adidas stores. Its agent, Nike stores closed in the first half of 2009 a total of 20, and is now leaving only eight stores. Daphne's main and "Daphne" and "Shoebox" two major brands. Semi-annual report shows that despite the cost pressures on store rent and new store openings, but the "Daphne" is still maintained a 59% gross margin, while the "shoe" as a new brand, but also 54% gross margin table. Within the second half, the company also hold an additional 122 "Daphne" and 139 "shoe" point of sale. "This means that Daphne has made up his mind to quit sportswear agency business." Industry experts, the United States UTA ??Management Group General Manager of Greater jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black China Yang Dajun that the main reason is that in recent years, Daphne exit to sports brand agency business profits fell too fast. Daphne Belle has been struggling to catch up with old rival, it seems to have stepped down from the sports brand agency business performance of high growth path. First half of 2009, Nike and Adidas revenue Belle proxy for 3.32 billion yuan, compared with the same period in 2008 increased by only 2.5%, well below the growth of the company's overall performance. Currently, Belle has gradually closed the operation is not good stores up to 346 related. "Despite all the contraction front, but Belle and Daphne's strategy is not the same." sports brand agent Magang told reporters that Daphne is to bid farewell to the sports brand agency, focusing on development of its shoes business. Belle is due to the rapid pace of development early, hoping to take advantage of this time of recession performance sports brand on the retail channel and the ability to do further optimization. reporter had this call Daphne and Adidas respectively, had not received a reply. Magang think Adidas since 2009, made a series of adjustments in the channel, one hopes by adjusting the agency some provincial areas, so that more agents participate in market competition, in addition also recovered part by the agency, to increase the proportion of direct sales stores shop opened strong position to cut agents. "Brands and channels have been in the game, the worst result is one of the side exit." Belle: ambition channels sports brand in the industry, in order to ensure the production stable, brands have taken the basic mechanisms of futures order management. Brands such as six months in advance so that dealers or a quarter of pre-orders, maturity and then follow the orders shipped, which is similar to futures. As recently as two months, Nike, Adidas, Li Ning [24.30 2.32%], Anta and other brands have completed the order next year. According to the reporter, in addition to the dealer Anta has announced next Retro jordans for sale year's orders grew 18%, other major brands have not disclosed figures. "This figure is likely to be crass." Involved in more than one dealer orders, he told reporters. According to the dealers, the brand's 2009 ordering the atmosphere seemed more special, brands offered much lower order discounts, increased ad spending, and even offered to end section can be extended . Even Nike and Adidas, in front of the channel began to take the initiative to lower the figure. Yang Dajun said that this round of sports brands recession, the relationship between the industry oversupply exposed, this situation is likely to continue until 2012. In the face of this series of changes in the competitive landscape of the channel, bargaining position, will take place a huge adjustment, which is a bit like before the domestic appliance industry. In Yang Dajun opinion, a sports brand sales decline is caused by many factors, one of which is very important reason is that Li Ning, Anta and the rise of domestic second-tier sports brands changed the industry supply and demand relationship. Second, the economic crisis curbed consumption momentum, higher priced Nike, Adidas have been hit particularly evident. rapid rise in the industry's channels speed, staggering. After the most powerful sports brand in the channel, sports shoes manufacturers started Bao Sheng International [1.27 -1.55%], in 2001 opened its first sporting goods stores in the Chinese mainland, through acquisitions, joint ventures manner, has The development of business to the major cities of the country 26 provinces and cities. According to Belle in 2009 first half earnings, the agency business which Nike and Adidas have done 3.317 billion yuan of scale, and Nike in 2008 annual sales revenue in China is about 8.0 billion. It is estimated that Magang, the two channels of product distribution, has accounted for 50% of Nike and Adidas market share in China. After a few years do not take center of development, said the channel currently have launched a brand str jordans on sale mens ategy. As Belle [7.55 -1.44%] to its retail store door head size unified Tao Bo sports, and the city's sports are named Tao Bo Sports City. Pou Sheng International entered the sporting goods retail industry at the beginning, the creation of the Sports City was named Interactive Sports City, later renamed Sheng Road Sports. Magang believes that the current Adidas, Nike and other brands of high inventory, gave the channel at the negotiating table more right to speak. On the other hand, Belle, Baosheng of rapid expansion, to some of the smaller or regional dealers brought great pressure to survive. Therefore, if such performance Daphne only a few thousand yuan agents, quit also reasonable. brands puzzles rapid expansion of Belle and Baosheng, the same Adidas and Nike want to see. Yang Dajun said really bothered Nike and Adidas, not now piled up in dealer inventory in the warehouse, but the channel is gradually "as big." A direct result of the channel will be brought to focus, Adidas and Nike distribution channels, Li Ning brand gradually and homogenization, but they was not any way for dealers to provide higher profits than domestic sports brand space. Magang said, such as Nike generally available to the dealer discount is 6.5 fold, while other domestic brands such as Anta supplier discount is much lower than it. Since dealers are generally the same time agents have more than one brand, he can use in the operation of Nike and Adidas to establish relations with the mall, and cash flow, but still higher profits true intentions of the development of domestic sports brand. Before , Adidas has launched a series of "cut-fan" action. As a proxy for an area originally granted to an agent, and in 2009 began to encourage dealers to compete more than two, in order to change the current auto dominate and trends. Reporters learned that, "knife" of the object even include Belle. But the channel also has its own considerations. Introducing more dealers in the same area, direct means their own vested interests d Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale amaged. A dealer told reporters that the relevant negotiations have been continued. Because of the channel to be "cut-fan" of concern, afraid of their own hard work to lay the channels is enjoying others in the process of distribution of Adidas began not dedicated, "offensive and defensive swap, Adidas stock will go up."2017, the year of the year of twelve zodiac signs. This year is another year of changing athletic shoes, and a lot of chicken shoes will be born this year. Looking back on the last and even the last year of the chicken, we will find that the good shoes of chicken are not in the minority, so far, they have great influence. 12, a cycle, let us review 12 pairs of classic chicken shoes. adidas EQT. Support 931993 years / chicken said that this year a lot of public opinion Adidas clover will focus on the promotion of the old EQT series, Adidas Adidas Consortium last year in the high-end extension of EQT in Support 93 as one of them opened the world tour, and in the past two years marathon, Support 93 will be used as joint models was born, we are not only concerned about the. But this year, a large number of EQT old shoes have come on stage, and traced back, then EQT Support 93 this retro run is too important, 93 years is the year of the rooster, but also the birth of these classic running shoes. adidas Tubular 93 1993 / chicken like EQT, Tubular is also an important branch of clover, the difference is Tubular and not much promotion has been very famous, was born in the year of the rooster 93 years Tubular 93 to subvert the people's impression of natural running shoes, inspired by the car tires, so showing a smooth appearance, and Tubular the literal translation is "pipeline" means, so you can see in the upper three bar is designed to be similar to the pipeline appearance, only three shoe lace holes are created at the beginning. Nike Air Force Max1993 year / chicken This pair of shoes is not only because Barkley reached 93 finals of the boots, is 93 years of a "Fab five" in the team to d jordan 3 katrina 2018 esign shoes, Barkley shoes sole unique shark teeth, and instep Velcro organization, with windows Max Air back cushion, is undoubtedly the classic Rooster shoes the real good shoes. Nike Air Max 93 1993 / chicken AirMax Series in the birth of the year 30th anniversary, Nike will wantonly make arrangements of the event, and in the AM family in AM93 is not outstanding, but 1993 is Nike windows 270 heel cushion promotion year, like the Air Force Max is a basketball shoe example, running shoes is AM93. Puma Disc Blaze1993 year / chicken Puma will also have a good pick up this year, and Puma Disc Blaze is the best they've made in 93 years. This pair of shoes has been released in 92 years, and has been sold in 93 years, so far outside 30~40 degrees of high temperature weather, is go out, walk two steps, can be a sweat! Xiaobian just want to lie quietly in the air-conditioned room, but why some shoes players even braved the heat, still buy, buy, buy? and buy, buy, buy the truth, even if it is possible to save money? although the weather is hot outside, and the price of a lot of shoes is close to "freezing point", in the hot and dry summer, everyone did not buy desire at the same time, shoes prices have dropped significantly, with the decrease in the volume of goods and changes in the weather, many shoes will be in the fall and winter prices, so in the summer, these are small and many of the "main" sneakers game player! , take a look at the recent shelves and ready new shoes a lot of good performance, do you have what you want? Nike Flyknit Trainer adidas PW Tennis HU Y-3 Qasa High Jordan Spizike white cement Air Jordan 11, Low IE Obsidian Nike Air Max 97 Puma Suede Platform Animal Nike Air VaporMax Air Jordan 13 HOF Nike, Air, Foamposite, One, "Eggplant", Air Jordan 5 "White Cement" Reigning, Champ, x, Adidas, Pure, Boost adidas EQT Cushion ADV Air Jordan 4 "Pure Money" Nike, Air, Foamposite, Pro, Silver, Surfer, Air Jordan 13 Low "Chutney" adidas, Ultra, Boost, Mid, Run, Thru, Time, ad cheap foamposites idas EQT 93/17 Boost adidas Originals NMD White, Mountaineering, x, Adidas, NMD Air Jordan 2 Decon〉Nike Air Force 1 LeBron on a shock shoe city, actually using the LeBron model and OSU shoes, no mark of LBJ and OSU, he's carrying a black / Black - red - gray color version of dominating again. This pair of shoes and black leather uppers, black holes and toe leather veneer sideways. Even the hook is also a black patent to build, and lined with red laces and foil. The last is indispensable, white midsole and outsole make whole shoe feel smooth and clean. The shoes are now on sale at various stores and retail at $150. Source: Battle shoes Wang NBA; little emperor James; Nike Air Force 1 LeBronNike; wild luxury Air Max 1 comments on last article: NBA little emperor James Nike Air Force 1 LeBron next article: Nike wild luxury Air Max 1 Nike Air Max LeBron VII will not be officially launched the first pair of follow-up new products, but one of them has surfaced, immediately take you to see. As everyone knows, the little emperor James before the "More Than A Game" on a world tour, just visit Zhao China, and was released a series of Air Max LeBron VII city suits and artists series, now we want to introduce a new version of "More Than A Game is not" travel content, but with Lebron visit to Asia also has much to do, this is the upcoming release of Air Max LeBron VI China version. This pair of shoes and white / metallic gold color, and in the medial heel and insole, text and pictorial decoration but also a large number of very China traditional culture, temporarily understand this shoe market time, the number of the exact message, please lock the NBA war xiewang, such as the latest information, for the first time your wonderful show. Source: Battle shoes Wang Nike Lebron Chinese green black ink injection shoes don't Nike Air Max 90 comments on A: Nike Lebron China don't note a war shoes: green black ink Nike Air Max 90item: 705331-330 release date: March 14th air jordan 11 space jam for sale item: 705417-138 release date: March 14th item: 707781-410 release date: March 14th Nike Air Foamposite One "yesterday, Joe · Johnson first put on the engraved Air Jordan 12 today, the Pacers A.J. Preiss followed, also wearing AirJordan 12 games, only 09 years engraved "Rising Sun" version, perhaps these are threatened, Air Jordan 12 is getting closer and closer to us. A.J. Preiss is usually a low sneakers lovers from Zoom VI wear to Kobe Zoom Hyperdunk Low, has been the standard style of modern defender, today he finally had a classical, a pair of shoes in the classical back tough on behalf of AirJordan 12 finally let dear Preiss Yang gas a. CP3 IV in the country, why not so many colors? The black one is so nice If more than a few double note CP3 counters don't sell off the IV as early as Paul, as in the past is a leader. Jordan Brand's other fighter, Gerrard, ·, Wallace, has always been famous for his defensive and strong will. Jordan FlightThe Power really matches his best shoes. Two inside the map of the green army, Wilcox and Pepo ONeil seem like wearing shoes, wearing the former actually is Hyperfuse 2011, and the small Austrian wear is very rare Shox Hyperballer, for a serious knee injury O'Neal it double as Shox basketball shoes to protect his knee better, this Obama has always insisted on the season without injury may also have this pair of shoes. , look at ray · again. Allen, today, Sugar Ray chose Jordan 2011 A-Flight, didn't choose Air Jordan 2012, was it a little bit like those muscle basketball shoes? Deng · Jones type play belongs to law-abiding, wearing Zoom Kobe VI collocation uniforms, so many players in the Zoom alliance Kobe VI found this pair of shoes is recognized degree high, also reflects the Zoom Kobe VI is indeed a good pair of shoes. KG ah, KG, you're getting old, and the Anta KG series is probably your lastvisvim will soon launch a new Americana Deck-Folk, and will sell it online. The top surface o buy cheap jordans online f the leather back sailing shoes modeling Americana using the Deck-Folk American Tannery and Ma Pinelli and the collection of handmade, significantly improved, at the same time this time only in the official website for a limited sale.??????discount womens running shoes Websites where students can design a Rube Goldberg machine Great practice or introduction before building a real Rube Goldberg machine front pocket wallet with money clip inside Potato Cheddar and Roasted Poblano Soup an easy healthy vegetarian soup recipe sweetpeasaffron womens running shoes Websites where students can&nbs" /〉 shoes sports camps More Fashion Binki Shapiro Black Skinny Grey Sweater Style Clothing Binkishapiro Grey Tees Black Jeans Outfit Gray Tops Women apparel Womens Clothes Fashion Style Outfits clothes fashion women heals shoes jeans shop SHOP CollectiveStyles com Style Muse Binki Shapiro Blog Need Supply Co Grey Tee Jeans Hat BinkiShapiro I need to find some good fitting black skinny jeans they go with EVERYTHING edgy boho bohemian wanderlust crystal life free spirit beautiful boho chic gypsy inspiration beach vibes travel quote hippie sale shopping wanderlust boho wear boho outfit fashion goodvibes only 2015 spring summer boho vibes fashion blog daily style etsy sellers etsy shop etsy finds Grey sweater grey tee and suspenders the sunglasses shop coupon Holiday Greenery 101 discount womens running shoes Websites where students can design a Rube Goldberg machine Great practice or introduction before building a real Rube Goldberg machine ??????the north face evolution triclimate free trainer nrg reviews huarache football cleats roshe women white leopard s flights shoes salem witch trials timeline sale parka shop online women u s clothing men u s apparel footwear stores in chicago area mens free trainer size sterling silver findings wholesale australia outlet milano the north face evolution triclimate free trainer nrg reviews & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp cheap air jordans ; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] sports-known brands Adidas today announced third-quarter report, the report shows, Adidas in the first three quarters of this year group sales 10.081 billion euros , calculated according to the exchange rate situation unchanged, compared with 9.059 billion euros over the same period last year, an increase of 14%, of which the first three quarters of Adidas Greater China sales of 900 million euros, 721 million euros compared with the same period last year, an increase of 25%, removed exchange rate factors, an increase of 28%, an increase bit ??????? top six markets. Compared with the Adidas high growth performance of the first nine months, the domestic sports brand performance are not optimistic about the third quarter results show, including Li Ning, Anta, including a number of domestic sports brands, are subject to varying degrees of stock influence, earnings growth is slowing down phenomenon. Adidas Greater China sales up by 28% inroads into China second and third tier cities The first three quarters of this year, the first three quarters of Adidas Greater China sales of 900 million euros, 721 million euros compared with the same period last year, an increase of 25% for foreign exchange factors, an increase of 28%, an increase of six bits ???????the first big market. Related analysts said Adidas shoes a lot of inventory around 2009, and other products has been cleared, you can sell more profitable new products, coupled with the number of channels to resume expansion, inroads into the second and third tier cities in the first half in 2010 Adidas resume growth in the Chinese market. In the second quarter of this year, achieving an increase in sales of 41%. As of the end of June 2011, the number of stores adidas Group in China over 6000. And by the end of 2010, the figure was 5,600. Adidas channel system, the pricing was significantly lower than the Adidas brand sales NEO products in the Chinese market layout number has reached about 900, this small city for a jordans on sale online major Chinese consumers of products and higher prices Adidas brand level with the formation of the portfolio in favor of Adidas penetration to small cities outside of Beijing and Shanghai. Adidas Management expects the same case of calculating exchange rates, the adidas Group in 2011 full-year sales will grow by nearly 12%. Compared with the previous year, wholesale revenues are expected to be close to double-digit growth, which Greater China will become the dominant force. director of Adidas Group Greater China General Manager Mr. Gao Jiali said: "Our performance in 2011 has shown that we have irreversibly to the healthy, sustained and strong direction of change in trends in Greater China." domestic sports brands have appeared trapped in the quagmire of inventory slowdown and Adidas this year a big success in the Chinese market, in stark contrast to the domestic sports brand performance decline into October, the major domestic sports brands have announced third quarter results show, including Li Ning, Anta and other brands, including domestic brands, are slowing down growth performance phenomenon. Major domestic sports brands announcement shows that in 2011 the domestic sports brands collectively big inventory phenomenon, inventory liquidation is still the focus of work major sporting goods brands in the third quarter. Related analysts believe that, due to the early overly optimistic market expectations as well as aggressive marketing strategies, the major domestic sports brands now have the inventory trapped, the industry fully into a period of adjustment. data show that Li Ning Company the amount of inventories in the first half was 992 million yuan, while the amount of inventories by the end of 2010 was 806 million yuan, the amount of inventories increased by about 200 million yuan. Inventories and other factors affected the first-half revenues 4.289 billion yuan, 4.505 billion yuan compared with the same period last year decreased by 4.8%; net profit of 294 million yuan, and 582 million yuan compared to the same period last year dropped by nearly 50 percent year on year, Since the beginning, its shares have fallen nearly 50 percent. Founder Li Ning's ranking on the rich list fell from 64 last year, the first 291. JPMorgan analysis report that Li Ning Company revenue will be back this year 13% decline in their profits 60 percent. The same slowdown also Pick, Pick published data show that third-quarter earnings growth slowed sharply Olympic third-quarter same-store sales compared with last year has increased by only 6.2%. Pick disclosed previously published data show that the second quarter of 2012 order book growth in the amount of 9.5% compared with the same quarter of 2011 orders, which is the lowest since 2009, the first Olympic order amount increase after Olympic ordering an increase in the amount of 20% or more. ANTA Sports also came to a standstill in the third quarter operating conditions. Anta expected data showed third quarter same-store sales growth decline, while the discount rate also expand the retail side. Earlier plans to next year Anta net 600-800 stores, now whether adjustment will happen is unknown. with respect to this dismal situation, the past five years can be described as China's sporting goods industry glorious five years, just a few years, the strong growth performance of Li Ning and Anta, and Pick, China Dongxiang, special steps, 361 degrees, Peak, etc., performance is quite eye-catching, in 2009, Li Ning, Anta, and other major domestic sports shoes brand's performance adds up to nearly 30 billion in sales, retail size of about 600 million, about five years ago, the entire domestic sports supplies consumption scale several times. international sports brand channel sink or domestic sports brand will be increasing pressure the end of June last year, Li Ning, the company made "rebranding" program, and played "Make the Change" (make changes) of the new slogan. But the ensuing change, but it is the product inventory backlog, orders and other causes of poor access decline. Li Ning Zhang Zhiyong, president and CEO acknowledged rebranding "not successful." Related analysts believe that the second tier cities market channels compete for increasingly intense war, domestic sports brand in the competition or the pressure will increase. Data show that, so far, the domestic sports brand outlets 70% layout in the second and third tier cities, so increasing the number of second and third tier cities and the following domestic sports brand stores is one of the lifeblood of business growth. Number of retail sporting goods store terms, the number of domestic and international headquarters of the sporting goods store to reach more than 40,000, 23 urban sportswear market consumption potential basically been excavated, opening new stores will be increasingly difficult to make money. In addition, the internationally renowned sports brand in China is also increasing mining twenty-three urban markets. In 2010, Chinese companies Nike and Adidas Chinese companies have released its next five-year plan, and said the next five years, the new store will increase secondary and tertiary markets, and intends to launch price segment closer to the secondary and tertiary markets Products with echoes, will be directed at the domestic sports brand's main market, the future of the secondary and tertiary markets, the competition will be more intense. With Adidas, Nike and other well-known sports brand continue to sink to the second and third tier cities, domestic sportswear brands generally facing increasing pressure. HSBC said in a report that the Chinese consumer brand loyalty is not high, especially in the second and third tier cities. With Nike and Adidas have launched a variety of low-cost models, the impact of local sports brand will grow. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News), following the cancellation of Nike's collaboration with VLONE, VLONE's A$AP group, Rocky, has officially begun its own creative group, AWGE. Following the launch of the "AWGEST" tour program, AWGE has officially brought the official website. There are not only group related photos and videos, but also online stores in , while the first products are T-shirts with AWGE and truck hats. Rocky is to put the AWGE as a brand to operate, after all, before AWGE has been there, but not very serious as a brand operation, but after this wave of VLONE, A$AP Rocky et al may feel that VLONE is not good, really ready to give up A$AP Bari? After all, there seems to be no Bari in the group, but there are enemies of Ian, Bari, Connor. If it is true that the brand operation, the brand may be later than VLONE more fire, after all, the team's people are all Europe and the United States rap star, and VLONE may really end, how do you see? while worrying, you can also click here to go to AWGE's website to see, cool enough to say nothing. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! doesn't know whether it has been the latest retro running shoes, and many luxury brands have introduced a variety of running shoes, and this time, Gucci can't afford to release the Chunky Runner. Chunky Runner had already been exposed in Italy, Florence, , Palazzo, and Pitti, and immediately attracted a lot of attention. The shoes are designed with the latest "small dirty shoes" designed to do the old washing. Shoes design is very retro, a little Yeezy runner feeling? It also caters to the current trend of Chunky Shoes. However, the details of the leather stitching on the top are full of texture, but also show a strong flavor of fashion. It is reported that the new pair of Gucci Runner shoes will be listed this fall, but as a luxury, the price must be expensive. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!

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